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Client Relations /

Sales Assistant


  • Be the master of all company contacts including clients and people we work with. It’s a very large list of important people scattered all over the world.

    • Manage the CRM database that we use called Contactually, it’s easy.

    • Add all the new contacts we meet at conferences and parties into our CRM, categorize them, and then send them a nice email, Facebook message, Telegram message, or Whatsapp message.

    • Add or follow the new contacts on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram Linkedin and Twitter.

    • Send emails and invites to parties to the right contacts in our database

    • Write up summaries about the important business contacts we’ve met

    • Potentially come with us to events or parties to meet the contacts in parties.

Photo and Video

Editor Assistant


  • Edit all of our photos from conferences, events and travels so that we can post them online

  • Edit our video content from conferences and and travels into short or longer videos that we can share on social media, Youtube, or

  • Help edit our video clips into longer, higher quality videos /mini documentaries

  • Assist our Emmy-winning filmmaker with his video productions

  • Upload edited photos into blog posts or albums online, Youtube, or online publications

Graphic Design



  • Help make all of our graphic materials for our own company, and publication awesome, as well as our clients materials.

  • Make cool vintage, graphic space art. (see our Instagram channel for reference)

  • Help make presentation and proposal pretty

  • Help make logos pretty

  • Help make business cards and other print materials pretty